We are creating it;
we’re not waiting for it.

Excerpt from WORLD PEACE is NOW! talk 

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Let me tell you a little about the idea for WORLD PEACE is NOW.
It is not about defending a position.
The truth needs no defense.
World Peace is Now, is not about stopping violence,
reacting to events,
or changing anything;
if it were, we would be allowing the effect,
or what is happening in the world, to dictate the cause.
We should not be firemen or firewomen
racing around the world trying to put out fires.
Pain and suffering should no longer be a motivational tool to experience good.
We no longer need pain to awaken us to our Divinity.
WORLD PEACE is NOW is not about choosing sides,
it is not about limiting options.
There are many answers to the same question that work for people,
many ways of life, many philosophies to choose from;
all are good as long as they harm no one
or infringe on other's rights.
Everyone should be able to live side-by-side
in complete support of the other's freedom to express themselves.
In my favorite John Lennon song, Imagine, sung here tonight by Aly,
he asks us to imagine a world without religion,
I have had a shift there too...
Imagine a world where all religions live in harmony,
side-by-side in peace,
because there is nothing wrong with religion
when it doesn’t restrict other's freedom.

                            Your  EMBODIMENT of Peace,
EMPOWERS the World with PEACE.

The moment the CHOICE is made,
                            the experience is LIVED.

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