We are creating it;
we’re not waiting for it.

There are many, many people doing mountains of good in the world. Everywhere I look I see people supporting each other’s ongoing evolution.  This is what I have found on this journey of creating a venue for people to add their consciousness in creating a world filled with peace, harmony and love that works for everyone.

On this page I will share some of the other work that is being done and  some studies that support the work that each of us can do to create a world that doesn’t need changing. The world will continue to evolve, but this evolution will spring forth from hearts and minds that are free from fear and the influence of past negative thinking.  Soon the atmosphere we are immersed in, which influences our perceived choices and actions, will be shifted to only that which is supportive and positive for every individual on earth.


Click here to read my Ministerial Thesis, The Collective Consciousness and How to Use It.

Click here to be taken to a webpage sited in my thesis that details a scientific study showing the power of the collective consciousness being activated with group meditation. This resulted in a 23% violent crime reduction in Washington, D.C.

Journey to a Peaceful World Begins With One Mind: Peaceful Meditation Awakens Global Consciousness Now, Click here to Read this article written by Rita Andriello on World Peace is NOW!

Click here for Deepak Chopra article, "Only Spirituality can save the world".

International Centers for Spiritual Living Global Services Peace Pages click here

A site started by a friend of World Peace is NOW. Please feel free to check it out. Also, feel free to use the World Peace is NOW meditation in conjunction with the suggested times of 8am and 8pm meditation from 8 Around the World.

Realizing wherever I am, I have all need, I begin to soar,
     cutting through the atmosphere of everything that has already been 

                                                                                  into all that is new.

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