We are creating it;
we’re not waiting for it.

If we accept this Rumi quote as truth, what we do here is powerful and good.

There doesn't exist a being Your grace cannot transfigure,
And the Lover You choose lives in joy forever.
What atom could Your Grace even for a moment come near
Without making it more magnificent than a thousand suns?
- Jalal-ud-Din Rumi

In this quote lies the greatest gift of this practice… And that peace which comes from the innermost recesses of the Spirit is left with us; a peace which the world cannot take away, for it springs forth from the bosom of the Father of light, love, life, and wisdom.- Ernest Holmes

To the man who can perfectly practice inaction, all things are possible. - Ernest Holmes

only when you drink from the river of silence, shall you indeed sing. - Khalil Gribran

What concerns us in this book are the pratices that increase these meditative moments in your life, until ultimately your entire life is meditation-in-action. Then all of your acts are part of the flow of the universe. Why meditate? To live in the moment. To dwell in the harmony of all things. To awaken.- Ram Dass

Walk in the green forest of silence, swim in the blue ocean of joy, dance in the golden light of love, and laugh in the raging river of life. - Mike Dooley

The man who sees what he wants to see, regardless of what appears, will someday experience in the outer what he has faithfully seen within.-  Ernest Holmes


At night, after Romilayu had prayed, and we lay on the ground, the face of the air breathed back on us, breath for breath. And then there were the calm stars, turning around and singing, and the birds of the night heavy bodies, fanning by. I couldn't have asked for anything better. When I laid my ear to the ground I thought I could hear hoofs. It was like lying on the skin of drum. Those were assess maybe, or zebras flying around in herds. And this was how Romilayu traveled, and I lost count of the days. As, probably, the world was glad to lose track of me too for awhile. - Saul Bellow, Henderson the Rain King 






 Realizing wherever I am, I have all need, I begin to soar,
     cutting through the atmosphere of everything that has already been 
                                                                                  into all that is new.



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