We are creating it; we’re not waiting for it.

Your embodiment of peace EMPOWERS the world with PEACE.
Typically, meditation is about being still and listening.
The WORLD PEACE is NOW Meditation is more about

being still and aligning our minds with that powerful

essence which is in and around us. In this unity,

backed by the power of truth, our inner intention of
peace is released into the universal consciousness,

adding to the accumulation of Good. (See note below)

Three ways to do suggested Peace Meditation:

1.  Using following suggested text without

music, or simply sit in the silence and set your

intention for Peace in the world with your own

words that have a deeper meaning to you.

2.  Using suggested text or your own words

for a peaceful intention with accompanying

music only.

3.  Using music that includes guided meditation

Music is by Chuck Wild under the artist

Liquid Mind®

Suggested Meditation:


        Within me is the Presence of Peace



        Within me is the Presence of Harmony

        Within me is the Presence of Love

        I am one with It...

         (silence for at least 5 minutes)

                I am the Presence of Peace

                I am the Presence of Harmony

                I am the Presence of Love

                I know it

                I feel it

                I allow this truth within me

                    to touch the world

                I release it to the Greater Good

                And so it is...Namaste

NOTE: Thank you for finding your way to this website. This

website is just the messenger to point the way for the World

Peace Meditation.  It certainly is not required that you be on

the internet to pour your energy of Peace into the universe.  

Feel free to use this site as an aid to meditation but also feel

free to make the process your own, with your own words

that can more fully move your intention for Peace into the

world. Spend however long and how many times a day you

feel it takes to anchor you mind in Peace and release it to

the World. There is no right way or wrong way in


The embodiment of peace for the world can be undertaken

anywhere at any time in any situation, even when, and

perhaps especially when, you find yourself immersed in a

situation that you perceive isn’t centered in Peace. Take time

to quietly remind yourself that peace is at the center of our

very being and at the center of every situation, through this

recognition you have become the cause for peace, allowing

it to come forth to transform yourself, your reaction to a

situation and to even shift the situation to a peaceful one.


Your embodiment of peace EMPOWERS the world with PEACE.



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