We are creating it;
we’re not waiting for it.

                What If more people in the world focused their minds on 

The WORLD PEACE is NOW meditative practice only takes five minutes a day at anytime and anywhere. Please visit the World Peace Meditation page and join us in becoming a cause for Peace in the World by meditating at  least 5 minutes a day.

Together we will consciously seed the universal mind, the seat of all knowledge, containing the entire history of thought, with a peaceful intent, until anything unlike it is uprooted and replaced with love.

What if your thoughts have power
What if they are acted on upon by a universal principle, a law that says YES!
What if your thoughts, through this law, become a reality in your life,

Would you choose your thoughts more carefully

What if your thoughts have the power to affect the world around you
What if your thoughts give others in the world an opportunity to choose to live differently,
Would you choose your thoughts more carefully

What would happen if we remove the “what if’s” in our thinking and read the above without the “what if”; then it would be wise to choose our thoughts carefully, choosing ones that support the highest good for all.

We are always using this creative principle, consciously… or unconsciously at times allowing the tendencies of the thinking of the world contained in the collective consciousness to guide our experiences.

Right thought, constantly poured into consciousness, will eventually purify it - Ernest Holmes

Think of a glass of water with some dirty sediment at the bottom, if clean pure water were continuously poured into it, the sediment would eventually flow out leaving fresh drinkable water.

Each of us use the same well to fill our glass in sustaining our minds and bodies; it is up to us to keep the water pure and clean.

There is fountain of life from which if a man should drink, he shall never thirst again. You cannot plunge into the waters of real life unless you take everyone else in the universe in with you. The universe is one system. - Ernest Holmes

It’s not about changing anything in the world,

          it is about creating a world not in the need of change.



























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